One Book Per Child Project

It is undisputed that access to books increases reading and literacy. We have a bold vision to increase learning outcomes of children and to transform education, by enabling children to have access to a variety of reading content. Our target is one book for every child in each school where we work.

How it works

  • Average School – 500 pupils  (a small library of 500 books per school)
  • District Average – 100,000 pupils (100,000 books)
  • Target District: Iganga – 153000 books
  • Cost of each book – GBP1.50 per book plus shipping costs of GBP 0.90 per book


Girl Talk Project

It is well known that to educate a girl means to educate a nation and yet many girls face obstacles and imaginable challenges to gain an education. For example most girls in Uganda will have to do more housework than boys at home and will endure difficulty in accessing female sanitary towels and therefore skip school. Sometimes girls become pregnant while still at school and this reduces their chances and options due to a lack of information. We want to change this. We would like all girls to have access to timely, accurate and relevant information about sexual and reproductive health and how to continue going to school despite menstrual related challenges. We would like to kick off with Girl Talk, a community based radio talk show once a week that looks at girls’ issues and includes a call-in session but also enables the education of the wider community on girl affairs.

The cost of curating and producing Girl Talk will be a one off monthly charge of GBP 300!