A big thank you!

Thanks to the generous efforts of Tusome Africa’s supporters, there are children in one of Uganda’s poorest regions that now have greater access to books, literacy and numeracy activities and other essential educational aides. 

Pupils at Canon Ibula Primary School expressed their thanks with thoughtful letters and delightful pictures.  

“Our friends Tusome Africa, thank you for information. You brought for us cement. You brought the board games. You bring books. You make more bookshelves. Thank you so much for loving us. Thank you for loving our school…” 


“We shall still remember you because of the good things you have done for us in our future”







A lot to be thankful for  
Generous provisions from Tusome Africa’s supporters has so far helped to transform the libraries at around half of the schools that we work with into safe and functional learning spaces. Added to this, earlier this year the schools received around 2,000 books courtesy of Book Aid International. These improvements have allowed us to introduce literacy and numeracy clubs in 10 schools.  

Thank you and … not goodbye! 

“Do not end at our school but continue serving with other schools.” 


Tusome Africa’s goal is to see year on year change and improvement to national level averages and beyond in the schools where we work. Some of the targeted activities that will lead to the achievement of this are: 

  • Establish high quality learning foundations through Early Childhood Development Centres 

  • Establishing high quality libraries at each school that we work 

  • Establishment of Effective Literacy and Numeracy clubs 

  • Promotion of parents’ engagement in school activities 

  • Ensuring effective accountability systems in schools. 

We value your support. Thank you!!! 

Ways you can support Tusome Africa: 

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