UK Board of Trustees

Angela Petitt

Trustee UK

Angela is a Chartered Account who has worked for a number of financial and pension organisations in the UK including, Norwich Building Society, Metro Bank PLC, Baker and Sons Limited, Barclays Bank, HBOS Financial Services and AXA Sun Life PLC among others. Angela's expertise is in accounting, credit control and risk management. Angela lives in Buckinghamshire, UK with her family and when she is not working, she likes to swim and to read.

BarbAra Achiro

Trustee UK

Barbara's career's has spanned two decades of employment in revenue, hospitality and most recently health and social care where she was involved in a start up of a care service provider start up in London. She currently works as an Operations Manager for a private health and social care organisation in london where she lives with her family.  Barbara is a firm advocate for quality education and has been sponsoring children in Africa for over a decade. When she is not working she enjoys fitness and travelling.

Macey Tan

Trustee UK

Growing up in Singapore, Macey describes her childhood as a middle-income, enjoying the fruits of her ancestor’s vision and hard work to push Singapore from a small, unknown fishing village into a first-class world economy. Macey values a merit-based society where children have access to a reasonably good education system and most of all, developing good thinking habits, enjoying a healthy sense of curiosity, gaining access to a wide-range of opportunities and being empowered to make own choices. Macey's academic pursuit took her from University in Singapore, the US and a career that has varied from Marketing and Social Impact Investment. She is a firm believer that every child should be empowered to determine his/her own future through merit, and be put on a level playing field. 

Bea Simpson

Founding Trustee UK

Bea is one of the founding members of Tusome Africa and has worked in Africa for the last 8 years before returning to the UK in 2017. Her work in Africa cuts across a history of employment in health, law and education in Uganda and Kenya majorly. It is during this time while working in Africa that Bea encountered a problem that seemed to be cyclical and evident in all sectors. A lack of education meant that women died from simple and avoidable pregnancy related complications and men and women staying longer in prisons because information on access bail was inaccessible due to illiteracy. She observed that illiterate adults were unable to carry out even the most basic form of employment, like sell produce in a market, because they couldn't count. A chance conversation with colleagues led to further research into the challenges of education in Africa and the idea of Tusome Africa was born with a vision to promote learning outcomes for every boy and girl. 


Uganda Board

Davis Ddamulira

Board Member Uganda (Chair) 

Davis is a Development Economist by profession with wide work experience in Uganda and East African Region. He has worked with Independent Development Fund (IDF), WaterAid Uganda, ActionAid Uganda, MS-Kenya, Uganda Debt Network and Centre for Development Initiatives (CDI). He has contributed to the growth and strengthening of several civil society organizations through technical support in grant management and fundraising, effective institutional governance and programme management. Davis Ddamulira has carried out a lot research on different development subjects including trade policy and negotiations, budget policy and governance, rural livelihoods, food security and poverty reduction strategies. He has also been an active participant in international and regional trade negotiations, strengthening social movements, global campaign on end poverty, fare trade as well as debt relief for developing countries. He has served on different organizational boards like: SEATINI Uganda (Treasurer), East Africa Association Grant makers-EAAG (Treasurer), MS Uganda (Member), Uganda Water and Sanitation Network-UWASNET (Chairman) 

Esther bwaku

Esther Bwaku, (Treasurer) Board Member, Uganda 

Esther is a Human Capital Practitioner currently working for Stanbic Bank Uganda, as Manager, HR Service and Benefits. In her 13 years at Stanbic Bank Uganda, she has held various roles in the Human Capital space; including, Learning & Development Coordinator, Learning and Development Facilitator, Core Banking Project and Training Lead among others. She has also worked with PriceWaterhouse Coopers and AfricaOne airline where she gained valuable experience in radio program production, communications, customer experience, sales and administration. As a reflection of her pursuit for excellence, Esther is a recipient of the Stanbic Bank Mark of Excellence Awards 2015 and 2016. She holds a MA (Public Administration & Management) and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. She is also a certified trainer, a Mentor for young women on the My World Mentorship program 2017 and a Board Member for another charity organisation – Hands Extended. When she is not working, Esther enjoys basketball, travelling and spending time with her family. She lives in Kampala.

Elise Mahoro

Board Member Uganda

Elise is a founder and director of EASE Agriculture Co Ltd based in Kampala, Uganda, which she has been running since 2010. EASE Agriculture is a trademarked indigenous producer of organic jams and are proud exporters of the gourmet brand Abana™ jam.

Elise is also a Board Director at Metajua (U) Ltd, a firm specialised in the use of IT for data collection, analysis and display with a key focus on agriculture supply chains. A Photojournalist and video freelance consultant by training, (France, Uganda), She previously worked in film production, and as a researcher at the Rwanda Genocide press centre and also as a journalist. Elise speaks five languages. She enjoys kick boxing in her spare time, is a marathon devotee and has recently started learning how to ride a motorbike – a life long ambition. She lives in Uganda with her family.

Omedo Thaddews Olupot

Board Member Uganda

Thaddews has recently retired from over 37 years of teaching mathematics. He has a BSc. University of Dar-es-salaam Tanzania. He taught in the Aga Khan academy where he was teaching the British curriculum, before being transferred to Premier Academy in Nairobi where he was a mathematics teacher and head of department. During his retirement, he is interested in large-scale export cereals crops mainly of chia seeds and contributing to Tusome Africa’s vision on promoting education in Africa. He lives in Pallisa, Uganda, with his family.

Daniel Joloba

Board Member Uganda

Daniel is a director at Wijo Group, Rabboni Group and Buddy Invesment Group Limited and previously worked as an accomplished Programme and Business Manager, at Enterprise Uganda. Daniel also runs a consultancy firm. Daniel has a MA Economic Policy Management from Makerere University and is a BA Economics and Social Administration. He is a Certified Mentor, with the Youth Business International Global network and when he is not working, he enjoys football and spending time with his family. He lives in Kampala.