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The Challenge

Pre-primary education is crucial to giving children the best start in life; a strong base from which to achieve better learning outcomes, increased skill accumulation and reduced dropout rates. Investing in early childhood education is a must to ensure a thriving community. But it’s a resource that’s unavailable to many children in the Iganga district in Eastern Uganda.

The district has 55,703 children aged between 3 and 5 years - only 40% are enrolled in primary education.

The majority of pre-schools in the Iganga district are not registered and operate from unsafe structures that do not meet the minimum required standards, and therefore compromise safety and quality of learning.

The Goal: Gift a Classroom

Bukoyo Muslim Primary School opened a pre-primary section, using the school hall as a classroom, in February 2017 and has seen the number of pupils grow from four to around 100 in just over two years. The hall has no partitions or furniture. The children sit on the floor on sacks or plastic bags. The only identifying mark of a pre-school is the one rotating seat and a slide in the small outdoor play area.

Tusome Africa’s Gift a Classroom campaign aims to refurbish Bukoyo Muslim Primary School’s pre-primary space and create a classroom that supports learning in accordance with national pre-primary school standards.

“Children learn best during play, if the school is lovely the children will come. I am happy when children are comfortable and safe in their learning environment because then you achieve results.”
 - Isa Nganda, headteacher, Bukoyo Muslim Primary School

“I would love to have a class that is beautiful in the eyes of a child. Partitioned, colorful, with furniture and play material and ready for learning.”
- Namufumba Shakira, nursery class teacher


The Appeal

We need £3000 to make this a reality.

Help Tusome Africa raise this amount by Donating Here

For only £10 buy a bag of cement

For only £20 purchase a tin of paint

For only £60 ensure the classroom has a secure door

Anything you can give would be very much appreciated.