Disruptive Education system Remodelling

To improve learning outcomes; school systems employ broad strategies including, teacher retraining, curriculum reform, textbook provision, school lunches, libraries, infrastructure and many more. Each of these interventions has the potential to increase learning. Tusome Africa believes in a systems approach where we unblock failing parts of the system in order to have sufficient traction to effect change.

therefore, interventions will not be uniform from one school to another because schools and regions face different challenges that may require a different approach. Critically we work with schools to understand their unique challenges and to respond to those. Some solutions have universal application for example tracking learning outcomes and quality data, but, others are unique in time and place especially disability and gender related needs.


Enhancing accountability in schools

By providing parents with hard evidence about learning outcomes enables parents and students to optimally choose a better performing school. In a context where there is a choice of schools and where school level  information about learning outcomes is freely published, this can have three effects:

  • Increasing participation
  • Amplifying Voice
  • Amplifying Choice.

Enabling sustainable schools

As part of Tusome‟s holistic approach, the organisation would like to trial the school enterprise model in one of the transformation schools with the aim of supporting the pilot school to develop a profitable enterprise in order to become self sufficient.

These businesses will both improve the quality of practical, skills-based education on offer at the school and generate extra revenue which can be invested in school development priorities.