The Founding Directors worked in Africa for a combined total of over 25 years during which time they worked for charities in the justice and healthcare sectors. It was during this time, working in both Uganda and Kenya that they came to a turning point in their careers.

Agnes, one of the founders and a trained lawyer, discovered that most detainees were illiterate and therefore faced unfair judicial outcomes and impossible obstacles in order to access justice because they were unable to read and interpret court documents and their implications.

Bea the second founder discovered that women often died from uncomplicated childbirth because they lived in rural areas and were usually illiterate and therefore unable to access information about their pregnancy. Men and women were trapped in the cycle of poverty and often their children ended up in the same position, school drop outs, working in the informal sector with predicted life statistics such as a life expectancy of 50 years, their infant mortality rates from preventable disease at 50%, income of less that $2 a day.

Soon the founders realised that life was predictably linked to poverty. And poverty unequivocally linked to a lack of education, innumeracy, illiteracy and lack of vocational skills. This inspired them to dedicate their careers moving forward to ensuring that every boy and girl has an opportunity to change the course of his or her life through access to a good quality education. A fundamental belief that Education is the gateway out of poverty and the lynchpin for development is at the heart of Tusome Africa’s vision.

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